Our History

This is me...Karen! Owner of Aqualush.


I grew up with fish, I have always owned and cared for fish, corals, livestock, tanks, equipment and ponds. I am OCD so I do care for things, people and possessions in a compulsive way! This means I find out about them, how they work, what makes them happy, how they flourish and what I shouldn't do. People, fish, coral, plants all have tolerances and boundaries!

So how did I get here, owning a premier waterlife, marine and reptile centre?

My first ever ‘own’ fish was goldfish, I won it at the fair after catching an elusive plastic duck floating round the table with a hook so incredibly small it is a wonder anybody ever won. (I think that was the last time I won anything!) The goldfish wasn’t gold at all, it was orange and white. It didn’t live long...none of them did I suspect.

I have always belonged to the group of people that would rather read, learn and watch to gather evidence. This I have continued to do so for all of my adult life and particularly so with aquatic life.

As soon as my meagre salary would allow, when I was very young, I bought a goldfish tank, then tropical tank, then a few more tropical tanks, then a discus tank, then seahorse tanks and then marine. At one point I had all four types of tank, seahorses, discus, tropical, marine and then finally I added a koi pond. I had every kind of tank imaginable from a two-foot cube tank to a 6-foot-long tank. Oh and then I had some more marine tanks with the tropical tanks, because as I grew so did my house and my salary. Then of course (as I will tell you) a bigger marine tank is easier to maintain, not so much two matching ones that weigh in the region of four tonnes in your lounge but you get the idea! That's how I got here. I sold pretty much everything from my old plc life to fund this venture. (I tried selling my husband Matt (long suffering) but I couldn’t get more than the 99p starting price on auction. I’ve decided to keep him.)


I’m still excited and astonished constantly by the relationships you see evolving, growing and 'being'. Symbiotic relationships (for example clown fish and anemones, cleaner shrimp and fish, crabs and corals/ sponges, pistol shrimp and gobies) exist everywhere but in fish keeping (and particularly marine) they positively flourish but you have to watch, learn and take in how they form and why.

I want children to be as excited and beguiled by aquatic life as I am. With that in mind I have a KIDZ Zone in the shop and open my doors to children so we can enjoy, learn, appreciate, have fun and maintain the presence of aquatic life in their natural habitats for the next generation to enjoy.

Come and visit if only to have a browse!

The Shop
Established in 2016, Aqualush Ltd  doubled in size within 2 yrs, adding Reptilush and Tweetlush to the group at the same time. 
In June 2020, we moved into much larger premises on the Great Western Trade Park where we continue to expand the business, taking on new products, new staff and (most importantly) lots of new and loyal customers.  We now occupy nearly 8000 sq ft of floor space and have invested in new tanks, equipment and a relaxing customer lounge.